"My friend and I had the pleasure of doing this tour with Pam over the weekend. It was truly an amazing and eye-opening experience. I was truly humbled walking around. Pam was so gracious and knowledgeable...she is a fountain of facts and insights into the area. You can tell she really loves sharing what she knows about the history both past and present. I live in the Bay Area but had no idea that such poverty existed right under my nose. I was truly humbled. We saw some really beautiful buildings...yet we walked past so many homeless people. We got to visit a homeless kitchen and meet some people. Pam seemed to know so many people, and she made us feel safe and accepted. I felt a new appreciation for my own life and greater desire to help those around me. I truly recommend this tour...Pam especially was a wonderful guide and as I told her at the end, I wished she led other city tours! Thank you again, Pam".

 “We just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience today! Our tour was inspiring. We really enjoyed it. We were so impressed with all of the organizations, people, and places you showed us. Congratulations to you both for setting up such a meaningful service, you have given us a whole different perspective on the neighborhood”. Warm regards, Alyssa, Marie, & Willa

“That was an incredible journey you led us on yesterday!  Talk about concern and compassion, I've never seen someone as dedicated to uplifting his community as you. Thank you for the thought provoking, eye-opening tour! Donna Ma

 Our guide was excellent. She pointed out key points of interest, showed us places we wouldn't normally have seen on our own, highlighted the good work the community dev group(s) are doing and steered us clear of some 'congestion' on the sidewalks (drug dealing...). Her anecdotes and personality really made the tour special. Robyn A.

“I'm writing to say an enormous thank you. Your tour opened my eyes to blocks of my city that I've never been down and history I had no idea of. Your knowledge and good company was such a treat to share in”. Jennifer Warburg, Special Projects Manager, SPUR • Ideas + Action for a Better City